taxi ipsum typeface

Taxi Ipsum

typeface & photography series, 2014

I lived in Kampala, Uganda for ten weeks and fell in love with a style of graphic messages seen on the windows and windshields of public taxis and other vehicles.

The messages fell roughly into four categories; philosophy (proverbs and abstract values), identity (politics, place, and names/handles), religion, and football.

text specimen for taxi ipsum

Taxi Ipsum is a display typeface based on the hand-cut serif lettering most common in these window decorations. I also created a brush pack for Adobe Illustrator based on the graphic details.

These design resources are intended to be in critical dialogue with current conceptions of what constitutes an 'African' typeface or 'African' pattern brush.

Download the brush pack by clicking ➔ here ⏎, and the typeface (a work in progress) by clicking ⇶ here ⬅.

alphabet specimen for taxi ipsum illustrator brushes specimen

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Identity & Politics


Football, Etc

Old Taxi Park, Kampala