Self Work Chrome Extension

a journaling app, 2016

This little chrome plugin was the culmination of a body of work on designing for political consciousness. It is a journaling method for sociopolitical self-education, based on three categories of observation and analysis; reflection on specific events or interactions, reflection on emotions, and open reflection or question logging.

It's a simple idea, but the habit of noticing and interpreting key behaviors and reactions is fundamental to cognitive behavioral psychology and mindfulness practices. Self Work is a system for applying these principles to building skills and knowledge around complex social politics.

Install the extension in the Chrome webstore ↝ here ↜.

self work screens map

Built with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and IndexedDB.

home & archive screens

self work archive and home pages


Noting the moments where interpersonal power dynamics play out and imagining how they might go differently.

self work event entry pages in gif format - What happened?; How did I react?; Could I have responded another way?


A space for working through questions on one's own.

self work question and free reflection entry pages in gif format


People often have a kneejerk averse reaction to social justice; #AllLivesMatter and #NotAllMen are examples of emotional reactions to social dialogues.

self work question and free reflection entry pages in gif format - I'm annoyed by...; Why do I feel averse to this?; What is the counter-argument?