interactive educational installation, 2013

realtime with audio

10x speed without audio

This project was an installation put together as an exercise in physical computing (built with the NETLab Toolkit and my Arduino Uno). It consisted of a floor switch made with a pressure sensor, which when stepped on, triggered the projection of planets in orbit around the user. The planets moved at 3,153,600 times their actual speed - that is, Earth made a full orbit in ten seconds, Jupiter in one minute 59 seconds, and Neptune in 27 minutes and 28 seconds. They were also sized proportionally to each other, at about 1/167,228,160th actual size.

The concept was part meditative, part educational. I thought it would be beautiful to create a visceral understanding of the proportional pace and scale of the solar system through the experience of being the sun. The music in the background, audible in the second video below, is Photon Wave Orchestra's Echoes Across the Astral Wastelands.